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Constitution of Friends of Eastwood Park, Hasland


The name of the group is The Friends of Eastwood Park, Hasland, referred to hereinafter as The Friends



  • to encourage the use of Eastwood Park as a public leisure and recreation facility



  • to work in partnership with Chesterfield Borough Council

  • to encourage the use of the park and its facilities

  • to research, publicise and seek to educate people about the history of the park and the neighbourhood

  • to seek financial support and grants to develop the facilities of the park and their maintenance

  • to liaise with stakeholders over the development of the park’s facilities

  • to organise social, fundraising and promotional events as may be deemed necessary to achieve the aim

  • to use various media to raise public awareness of  the project

  • to apply for funding to fulfill the aim

  • to take other reasonable actions to achieve the aim of The Friends



  • to raise funds, invite and receive contributions by way of subscriptions, donations, grants and otherwise except permanent trading

  • to buy, take on lease or exchange or sell equipment necessary to achieve the Aim and Objectives

  • to do all other things necessary and expedient for the fulfillment of the Aim and Objectives



  • Membership is open to any resident of the borough of Chesterfield or any other person who shares the Aim of The Friends

  • The Committee may terminate the membership of an individual bringing the organisation into disrepute. The member concerned shall have the right to be heard by the committee before a final decision is made.


The Friends’ Management Committee:

  • shall comprise of a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 8 members to be elected at the AGM

  • shall at the first Management Committee meeting following the AGM elect from their number a Chairman; Vice-chairman; Secretary; Treasurer and other officer(s) as they see fit.  These officers to serve for a period of one year.

  • shall manage and administer in accordance with this constitution

  • shall meet at least four times a year with a minimum of 14 days notice of meetings being given

  • shall have a quorum of no fewer than two thirds of eligible members in attendance

  • meetings will be minuted

  • may co-opt persons having specialist knowledge or experience for such a period as is felt necessary – such persons will have no voting rights

  • shall agree decisions, where necessary, by a majority vote of members present.  In the case of equality the Chair will have a second and deciding vote

  • shall consider any findings and/or recommendations made by any sub-committee or sub-group

  • sub-group or sub committee will not enter into any legal or financial commitments without the authority of the management committee

  • shall organise the AGM

  • shall, in the event of a committee member resigning or otherwise vacating their position, be able to invite a replacement from the general membership until the next AGM. Such a replacement shall have full voting rights

  • may ask any committee member who does not attend three consecutive meetings to vacate their position



  • the financial year shall run from 1st April – 31st March

  • funding will only be applied for and spent to achieve the Aims of The Friends

  • the funds of The Friends will be held in an account in the name of The Friends of Eastwood Park, Hasland and managed by the Treasurer

  • the Treasurer will provide a record of accounts at each meeting or, upon request, given 7 days notice

  • the Treasurer will prepare and present annual accounts to the AGM

  • the annual accounts will be audited by someone independent of The Friends  who has suitable competence

  • signatories to the account will be the Treasurer and up to 3 other designated members who shall not be related or live at the same address.  All withdrawals/payments must be authorized by at least 2 of these signatories


Meetings – will have 21 days notice:

Inaugural Meeting:

  • The purpose of the meeting will be to adopt the constitution and elect members to The Friends’ Management Committee

  • To set the date for the first meeting of The Friends’  Management Committee


Annual General Meetings

  • An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held once in each year, and within 15 months of the preceding AGM

  • will receive the minutes of the previous AGM

  • will receive a report(s) from The  Friends’ Management Committee of the past year

  • will receive the financial report

  • will consider, whenever necessary, amendments to this constitution

  • will report on future development of The Friends

  • will elect The Friends’  Management Committee for the forthcoming year

  • will consider any other business for which due notice has been received

  • may make decisions with the agreement of the majority of General Members present, in the event of an equality of votes the Chair shall have a second, deciding, vote


Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs):


  • An EGM may be called by The Friends Management Committee when they consider it necessary.  In addition any ten members may request an EGM. The request must be in writing stating the reason for the meeting and be signed by at least ten members.  Such a request is to be sent to the Secretary. In either case no business other than that specified in the request shall be discussed at the meeting

  • will be minuted


Alterations to the Constitution

  • may be made at the AGM or an EGM

  • must be circulated with the notice calling the meeting

  • may only be made with a two thirds majority vote by those members present



  • of The Friends may be made at a General Meeting  by the adoption of a proposal to dissolve The Friends by a majority of the members present

  • the proposal must be circulated with the notice calling the General Meeting

  • confirmation of the dissolution will result in all remaining assets that are held by or on behalf of The Friends, after the settlement of any proper debts and liabilities, being given to a local organisation with a similar Aim


To Download a Copy of the Consitution click HERE