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Hasland Gala Royalty are all local children who represent the village of Hasland nr Chesterfield in Derbyshire. They take part in events all over the county which are called Carnivals and Court of Queens, along with the other Derbyshire Carnival Royalty who represent their own town / village / charity.

 Hasland has an annual Gala Day, normally held on the second Sunday in June, which is organised by The Friends of Eastwood Park Committee. At this event the chosen local children are crowned by the Mayor & Mayoress of Chesterfield to represent Hasland for 12 months as the Gala Royalty.

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 Hasland Gala Royalty 2017



Gala Day 11th June 2017 – the 10th in the modern era!

What a wonderful day we had in our beautiful park. Despite the breezy conditions the event was well supported. The Street Parade, so well organised by the Royalty Team of Claire, Drew and Craig attracted many floats. The Chesterfield Musketeers Showband led the way through Hasland to the delight of the watching crowds. In the park the crowds were entertained by Carlo, with his magic and Punch and Judy shows. Alan and Chan Brown, played the organ outside the hall while the Daisy Belles put on excellent sing-a-long performances too. The hall was full of splendid stalls and an excellent Heritage Display, mounted by Margaret Hartshorne. The Fire and Rescue service were represented by Green Watch. There was a climbing wall, displays by the Canal Trust, Air Cadets and Chesterfield College as well as many traders and community groups selling a wide variety of crafts. Gill Dixon, sponsored by Oscar Dog Food, organised a fun Dog Show. Grassland Hasmoor – Big Local was in attendance to spread the news about the £1 000 000 awarded to Hasland and Grassmoor to spend on projects in the community run by the community. The crowning glory of this Gala Day was the grand opening of the newly completed skate/wheels park by the Mayor of Chesterfield Cllr. Maureen Davenport. This much longed for facility was funded by Viridor Credits and Grassland Hasmoor – Big Local. Funding from Celebrate was used to provide a steel pans workshop for all to try their hand, a face painter and refreshments. The Friends of Eastwood Park, Hasland would like to thank all our sponsors; Grassland Hasmoor – Big Local; Cllr. Dave Allen; the many local traders who sponsor the publicity; the participants who attended with their crafts and games and Chesterfield Borough Council for its continued support. It was a truly great community day out. 

Hasland Gala Royalty 2016

2016 Gala     Gala 2018


Petal Megan Naughton,  Rosebud Lilly Hinksman,  Rosebud Nadin Noman-Marinescu,

Rosebud Robyn Clayton-Moore


Princess Amira Noman-MarinescuPrincess Jessica Smith,  Princess Lucy Cotterill,  Princess Mercedes Nelson


Junior Queen Ellie Hullett,  Queen Shannon Winters


Attendants Donna Douglas,  Freya Douglas & Molly Needham



Hasland Gala Royalty 2015

Gala 2015     Gala 2015
Petal Danni Lomax,  Rosebud Mollie Bradshaw,  Princess Robyn Lomax

Junior Queen Madison-Kennedy Beighton,

Personality Junior Queen Ellie Hullett Gala Queen Shannon Winters,

  Attendants Sofia Smith, Lilly Hinksman & Jessica Smith  and  Pageboy Edward Kennady

I am so proud of our increasing ‘royal family’. For 2015 we managed to get our first full set of royalty including a proper Retinue for the Gala Queen. They always do their best and even come away with prizes most of the time as well, which is an added bonus for their efforts.
In 2016 we would like to get many more entrants than we had for 2015. That way we can have more and more local children involved each year.


Hasland Gala Royalty 2014

 2014 Gala Royalty     2014 Gala Royalty

 Petal Lilly Hinksman,   Princess Ellie Hulett,   Personality Princess Amelia Pickering

Junior Queen  Shannon Winters,    Queen  Bailey Kennady,    Pageboy  Edward Kennady, 

Attendants  Aimee-Leigh Stuart  &  Sophie Stuart

2014 was a great year for us as not only did we receive another entry from a girl wanting to be Gala Queen, we also managed to finally get a little boy involved as a Pageboy and a couple of young girls as Attendants to form a full Retinue to the Gala Queen.

For 2015 we would love to get more children involved as Attendants and Pageboys if we are again lucky enough to get a Gala Queen.


 Hasland Gala Royalty 2013

2013 Gala Royalty     2013 Gala Royalty

Petal Natishya Tuwacha,   Rosebud Lucy Cotterill,   Princess Kaci Western,

Junior Queen Leoni Kirkland,   Queen Nadine Hall,   Attendants Lydia Wain and Brooke Hall

In 2013 we were lucky enough to have a young lady come forward wanting to be Gala Queen. This was the first entry we had received for the title in 3 years and we were very glad of this as we were able to have some little girls join in as Attendants.



Hasland Gala Royalty 2012

2012 Gala Royalty     2012 Gala Royalty

 Little Miss Mollie Bradshaw,   Petal Katie-Mae Lunn,   Personality Petal Morgan Wilson,

Rosebud Tilly Stapleton,   Personality Rosebud Tamika Tuwacha

Princess Helena Bond,   Personality Princess Leoni Kirkland

Junior Queen Georgia Moore  &  Personality Junior Queen Ebony

2012 was a great year for us as we had double the amount of children and more come forward to take part than we had received previously. As we didn’t receive an entry for Gala Queen, we were unable to ask any of the children to be Attendants. We therefore had lots of additional titles like Personality to make sure everyone got to take part equally.


Hasland Gala Royalty 2011

2011 Gala Royalty     2011 Gala Royalty

Petal Tamika Tuwacha,    Princess Molly Steveton,   Junior Queen Sarah Lunn

In 2011 we have 3 new girls wish to enter to be part of the Hasland Gala Royalty. Unfortunately we didn’t have an entry from a girl wishing to be Queen. However the Junior Queen, Princess and Petal we had represented the village very well.

2011 was also a great year because our 2010 Princess Shannon Winters was given the honour of being chosen as the Princess of Derbyshire for 2011/12.



Hasland Gala Royalty 2010

201o Gala Royalty     201o Gala Royalty

 Petal Sofia Sheriff,    Princess Shannon Winters,    Queen Lauren Frost

2010 was the year in which we re-introduced Carnival Royalty to the annual Gala held in Hasland. Getting 3 girls to take part was a great start and we were very proud of them being Hasland’s first royal family in nearly 20 years.

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